Nikon Is Giving Brand New D610 Replacement to D600 Owners

Remember the Nikon D600? it’s a nice camera aside from the actual fact that the shutter would spray oil everywhere the device. The oil cannot simply be seen at wide open apertures however it is a major drawback when you stop down. Thanks to a class action lawsuit Nikon is exchanging the D600s with a brand new D610.

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Updating your Camera’s Firmware

What is Firmware and why is it important?

Inside your camera is a chip (small computer), that uses code on non-removable memory storage within your camera. This can be known as firmware and is the OS (operating system) of your camera that permits you to regulate the options and functions, with the camera’s menus and buttons. Firmware additionally controls auto focus, exposure, image processing, noise reduction and different other vital functions inside your camera. Without firmware your camera wouldn’t be able to operate. Read more